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Quick Change Products For
Die, Mold, And Forging Applications

The HILMA Division of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. offers the latest in dependable, productivity-enhancing products for quick change operations. These products are suitable for use in:

Because requirements vary from plant to plant and shop to shop, our clamping and handling systems are custom engineered to provide the most effective workholding and tool-movement devices for each application. Depending on die or mold weight, speed of change and degree of automation needed, many different solutions are possible.

See the M-TECS Magnetics for quick die change on stamping presses. Or choose from internal- or external-type die clamps, manually positioned or fully automatic. Die lifters can allow movement front to back or in any direction. Hydraulic mold clamps are available for injection molding. Magnetic clamping systems are also available for plastic and rubber injection and compression molds. Contact a HILMA representative for the clamp and handling system to suit your needs. From the United States and Canada, call 1-800-827-2526. Or call 636-386-8022, fax 636-386-8034.

See the new online catalog of quick change products for die, mold, and forging uses.

Plug into the strength and experience of HILMA's
technical staff to solve your unique quick change needs.

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Innovative Clamping Solutions from Carr Lane Roemheld.
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