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M-TECS 130
Magnetic mold clamping for plastics processing

M-TECS magnetic clamping systems provide evident benefits: Injection molds, even if not standardized, can be easily and swiftly changed without need for retooling. As a result of a clamping force which is evenly distributed all over the clamping surface, tool wear is considerably reduced which means lower tool maintenance costs. With no moving parts, the system itself is basically maintenance-free. It is suitable for fitting onto existing injection molding machines or incorporating into new machines.

M-TECS 130 being stable up to 130° C (266°F) largely covers the whole temperature range that may occur in the thermoplastics processing industry. The system can also be upgraded for higher temperatures as a special (contact Hilma engineering).The magnetic poles have been designed to build up an actual clamping force of 18 kg/cm² (256 psi). Highest quality materials are used for the long pole design, which is based on a double-magnet technique. Its outstanding power concentration makes the system much stronger than any comparable magnetic plates.

  M-TECS on machines without cross beam
M-TECS for horizontal and vertical applications
M-TECS a large range of installation options

Technical data M-TECS 130 Special features
Max. temperature 266º F (130º C) standard, higher temps available as special through Hilma engineering • Double magnetic system
Specific magnetic force 18 kg/cm² (256 psi) • Long pole technology
Magnetic penetration depth 15-20 mm (.59-.79 inches) • M-TECS concentration effect
Plate thickness 55 mm (2.16")  

Safety Features

Also see M-TECS 210, max. temperature 210°C (410°F)

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