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Quick Change = Quick Payback

Why choose custom Quick Die and Mold Change Systems from HILMA? They immediately provide benefits that pay back fast:

Automation Improved Quality
Efficiency Easier Operation
Increased Productivity Less Wear and Tear


Power-operated elements in Quick Change Systems shorten cycle times due to clamp automation. Automated systems allow convenient electrical monitoring of pressure, position and other production elements. They also provide efficient integration of process monitoring and control.


Quick Change Systems shorten setup times, which makes it easier to justify running small lot sizes. Smaller lots allow for lower inventory levels. Since die change can be carried out by the machine operator, die change is easier and can be done with fewer clamping devices. Quick Change Systems also shorten run-in period for tools and dies.


With short setup times, Quick Change Systems provide increased production capacity. Less downtime means greater machine run time.


Automated equipment used in Quick Change Systems delivers consistent workpiece quality and excellent repeatability of positioning and clamping. It also accommodates low-distortion clamping.


Quick Change Systems operate efficiently even in harsh environments of very high or very low temperatures, fluid sprays and other unfavorable conditions. They allow repeatable, high clamping force - even in hard-to-reach areas. And with simplified operation, Quick Change Systems mean die changes can be performed by less-skilled workers.


The range of clamping operations supported by Quick Change Systems delivers optimum selection of clamping positions and highly repeatable functions, especially those involving material feed and discharge equipment. Clamping systems run consistently and with lower-distortion clamping resulting in less wear on equipment and longer die system life.

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