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Compact, High Performing Work Supports

Carr Lane Roemheld offers a wide range of hydraulic work supports that automatically adjust to the workpiece height, then lock securely to become fixed rests. Available in spring advanced, fluid advanced and air advanced types, these work supports are extremely compact, starting at just 1" diameter, with maximum pressures up to 7500 psi. These high performing supports are designed for 500,000 cycles, and come in more than 60 different standard sizes and styles, with supporting forces from 145 lb to 23,000 lb.

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Modular Units Enhance Productivity in Assembly Operations

A variety of modular units from Carr Lane Roemheld can be combined in numerous ways for safe and efficient handling and movement of heavy loads in assembly operations. Various modules provide horizontal and vertical rotating, tilting and lifting of workpieces with hydromechanical or electric operation. Use in conjunction with carts, floor modules, plates, clamps, or height adjustable tables.

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Hilma NC hydromechanical vises with gauge

Hilma's NC-series vises are superior to most standard vises, due to built-in hydraulics and clamp force gauge. With a few cranks of the handle, hydraulic pressure can be built up to 11000 lbs. of clamping force (on the largest size). Switch from clamping small to large parts quickly simply by pulling the pin on the NC vise, sliding the power unit back, and reinserting the pin. In three sizes, the NC vise is easy to maintain, has a repeatability of 0.0004", and comes with a clamp force indicating gauge for enhanced precision and repeatability.

The NC Vises are featured in this video shot at the IMTS show. For a free demonstration, contact Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.; email us at

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Machine Vise and Compact Clamp Video From IMTS

Editor Robert Coleman from Metalworking Production & Purchasing magazine interviewed CLR salesperson Aaron Hull regarding machine vises and compact clamps at the IMTS show. Watch the video here, or go to our new vise page for more information and a downloadable brochure.

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CS Compact Machine Vises Video

Watch our CS Series Compact Machine Vises in action on a vertical CNC machining center, on a pallet changer, showing rapid clamping and unclamping. Watch the video here, or go to our new vise page under "CS Series" for more information and a downloadable brochure.

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Clamp in Tight Spaces with Compact Clamps

The compact clamp, which has a metallic wiper edge, is especially suited for applications where space is limited. Two different clamping levers are available, which can be machined to adapt to your workpiece, then swiveled into small recesses for unimpeded loading and unloading. Four different sizes of the clamp are available, each with a short or long clamping arm.

The Compact Clamps are featured in this video (after machine vises) shot at the IMTS show. For further information contact Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.; email us at

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Top Flange Work Supports

Carr Lane Roemheld's top flange work support has a load force up to 24,000 lbs., and a maximum operating pressure of 7500 psi. Single acting, the work support comes in spring extended, fluid advanced and air advanced versions, and in three sizes. The supports have a metallic wiper edge, and can be port or manifold mounted.

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Swing Clamps Offer Special Pricing

Carr Lane Roemheld's newest heavy-duty swing clamps are of high quality, but are specially designed to be more affordable than previous models. With a maximum operating pressure of 5000 psi, the compact new clamps are double acting, with a robust swing mechanism for faster clamping cycles.

The robust swing clamps are also ideal when using longer, heavier custom arms. These top-flange, cartridge-type clamps are designed specifically for space-saving manifold mounting, with position monitoring available as an option. Available in four sizes.

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Hinge Clamps Are Ideal in Narrow Recesses

Hinge Clamps from Carr Lane Roemheld are ideal for clamping in narrow recesses. This is due to a special linkage that moves the clamping arm forward as it pivots into clamping position, allowing the clamp to exert nearly perfectly vertical clamping force. The clamping arm retracts fully for clear loading from above. Double acting, with a maximum operating pressure of 3600 psi max, the clamp is designed for 500,000 cycles, and contains a swivel contact bolt and reinforced hinge mechanism for added flexibility.

Designed for manifold mounting, the clamp is available in more than 100 different variations with clamping forces from 500 to 3200 lbs., with optional position sensing.

Magnetic Workholding for Machining Centers

Carr Lane Roemheld's M-TECHS SP50 and SP70 is a versatile clamping system for machining centers that offers clamping in just 1 to 2 seconds, and 5-Axis workpiece machining in a single clamping operation. Suitable for rapid positioning and securing of workpieces of varying sizes, the system offers long service life at a low investment cost.

Electrically energized only during the magnetizing and demagnetizing phases, the electro-permanent magnetic clamping plates with square pole technology are designed for maximum retaining force and the highest flexibility. Multiple platens can be controlled with a single control unit, independent of the power supply.

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Mini Clamp Vises Are Perfect
for Multi-Face Machining

MC-series Mini Clamp Vises from Carr Lane Roemheld are designed especially for multi-face machining with a single clamping operation.

Their unique design allows clear tool access to five-out-of-six workpiece sides, and is ideal for machining complicated workpieces in a single clamping operation, such as in mold making. Mini-Clamp Vises are small, but have a large holding capacity, and have the finest-quality construction for excellent rigidity and durability.

The manual and hydraulic versions come with a 60mm jaw width and a maximum clamping force of 3400 lbs. The concentric type comes in three sizes, with jaw widths of 60mm, 100mm and 125mm, and clamping forces from 3400 to 7800 lbs.

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Versatile Swing Clamps Offer Top Flange Mounting

Swing clamps from Carr Lane Roemheld offer top flange mounting, allowing the body of the clamp to be hidden below the fixture surface, providing more room on top of the fixture for parts.

An integrated safety clutch mechanism protects the part and the swing clamp from misloaded parts or a misaligned arm. A special Viton® wiper seal provides resistance to aggressive coolant and hot chips.

This family of swing clamps has 4 piston sizes, in clamping forces from 1200 to 8100 lbs. Each piston size has 4 stroke lengths. If you factor in the 7 swing options (clockwise swing and counterclockwise swing, each with a choice of 90, 45, 60 or 0 degree swing), there are 84 double acting versions and 28 single acting versions available.

Options include mounting with standard tubing or manifold mounting. Use with fluid pressure up to 7500 psi max.

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Slide Pivot Clamp Provides
High Clamping Force In Minimum Space

The slide pivot clamp from Carr Lane Roemheld is particularly suited for clamping on machines when high clamping forces are required with reduced space availability. Double acting, this high efficiency clamp allows workpieces to be inserted from above without any impediments, since the clamping lever can be moved into small recesses. The piston force is transferred by 180º by the clamping lever and is available as clamping force with virtually no loss of efficiency.

Available in three sizes, this clamp has a maximum operating pressure of 7500 psi.

Coupling Elements Allow
Space-Saving Fixtures

Coupling Elements from Carr Lane Roemheld offer a space-saving design for limited installation conditions. Able to integrate easily into fixture designs, these two-part elements can be used to transmit hydraulic oil or compressed air in machines with pallet transfer systems from the machine tool table to the fixture.

Three different nominal diameters are available, for optimum adaptation to the flow rate. These flush-faced coupling mechanisms come in both built-in and threaded-body styles, allowing large axial and radial positioning, and a large flexibility in design variants.

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Concentric Vises Offer Quick, Accurate Clamping
Of Odd Size Workpieces

Carr Lane Roemheld's Concentric Vises are specially designed for use in machining centers, on machine tools, in special jigs and fixtures, and on final processing machines.

These self-centering vises position and clamp workpieces precisely on a defined symmetrical axis, allowing for any contours, and have a high clamping repeatability of +/-0.01mm.

The vises, which come in three sizes, can be used in any mounting position, and provide a constant length and a large clamping range, using application-specific jaws. These compact, all steel vises have been through a variety of tests for long duration, and the vise's spindle area is protected from dirt, chips and coolant.

Select Workholders Fast With RIC Interactive Catalog CD

Choosing the right workholder for your applications has became easier, with the RIC (Roemheld Interactive Catalog) CD-ROM. Save hours of time sifting through thousands of products. Just key in a few simple selects and you will filter through to the best clamp, work support or power unit in seconds. Also included on the CD are CAD drawings, pdf catalog pages and other product data. Next, email your part list for price and delivery information. Click here to order your interactive catalog CD.

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Flat Pivot Clamp Provides Compact, Large Stroke Clamping

Flat Pivot Clamps from Carr Lane Roemheld are designed for clamping flat workpieces in fixtures on machine tools and for welding applications. This compact extending clamp has a large clamping stroke, with high protection against metal chips and weld splatter. Double acting, the clamp compensates for transverse forces at the clamping point.

The clamping lever is completely retracted in the unclamped mode, and workpieces can easily be inserted from above. Maximum operating pressure is 7500 psi.

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Hydraulic Rotary Valve Couplings Increase Indexing Productivity

Hydraulic Rotary Valve Couplings from Carr Lane Roemheld allow maximum productivity on rotary indexing machinery with an independent load/unload station. Handling multiple circuits, these couplings allow unloading and reloading while other stations remain clamped. Automatic control of different operations at each station is obtainable with this coupling, available single and double acting at up to 7500 psi.

Standard Rotary Valve Couplings are available in hydraulic and pneumatic versions for 2 to 8 stations, but specials are available for any number of stations, and multiple circuits per station.

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Position Monitoring Provides More Swing Clamp Control

Position monitoring affords more swing control from Carr Lane Roemheld. These hydraulic swing clamps have a switch rod for position control. The helix rod protrudes through the cover and allows a pneumatic or electrical control of the piston position outside the chip area.

The clamp has a reinforced swing mechanism, which endures a collision of the clamping arm with the workpiece during clamping up to 1500 psi.

The clamps are double acting, with a maximum operating pressure of 7500 psi, and are available in three styles - top flange, cartridge style, and flanged base.

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Concentric Clamping Elements Cut Positioning Time

Concentric clamping elements shorten loading and clamping times for workpieces with cast or machined bores, reliefs or break-outs. The combination of hydraulically operated two- and three-way elements reduce tedious manual positioning by clamping with the turn of a valve.

Easily integrated into fixtures, concentric clamping elements avoid overstressed clamping and provide high repeatability. The elements can be ordered in diameters from one to 10 inches, with larger sizes available on request. Varied mounting and connecting options extend the versatility of these labor-saving clamps.

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